How To Set Up A Business Plan?

It is necessary to set up your project correctly, and your business plan even more. A perfectly assembled business plan can thus already be indicative of your capabilities. To help you design it, it will be necessary to resort to professionals or take examples online. A business plan is a document that respects a certain form and a certain content, but it must be personalized, hence the importance of participating. A mechanic who plans to open his garage will have no difficulty establishing the needs required for his project (room, work tool, team, etc.). This is a great opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. For a perfectly assembled business plan, you need a perfect structure. Did you imagine yourself concluding a contract with a partner who has no structure in his ideas?

The first part can include:

  • The operational summary of your project or “executive summary.” This is the presentation of your project or the summary. It describes your project, the reasons for the choice, and your motivations. It is done on two pages maximum, and it must be convincing.
  • The presentation of the project, this part is about developing your project or the offer. You present, for example, what you will offer, product or service, and the means to allow this achievement.
  • The presentation of your company describes the form, the affiliated team, but above all, your skills, and your field of activity. It will be important to highlight the experiences you have to appear professional.

The second part is much more technical:

  • Market research, you are supposed to know the competition that awaits you and the market you are entering. This part must be translated into concrete examples, such as statistical figures and all essential data.
  • Your commercial strategies and ambitions, you develop the ambitions of your projects, that is to say, the turnover you want to achieve and the funds necessary to achieve it. This part is very important if the business plan is to raise funds. You also develop the strategies that you will undertake, whether they are commercial or marketing. The means of communication of your product or your offer must also be mentioned.
  • Financial forecasts for your project. This will generally be calculated in years or quarters. It is an income statement by which you will be kept; therefore, these must be close to reality for potential investors.

The third part is devoted to your objectives and the forecast:

  • A forecast of your cash flow, in this part, you mention the cash budget for the operation of your activity. The allocated funds are part of it.
  • The desired funds will also be defined there, whether they are start-up or development or working capital. In the form of a table, you expose the use of its funds, they should be perfectly under-detailed for more credibility.
  • A forecast for investments. For the normal operation of your business or its development, you must provide an investment table.
  • A potential development, your project is viable; you thus think of potential development. It is, therefore, possible to increase your points of sale or develop your activities.

The business plan is, in many ways, a necessity and a formality more than necessary; it is still impossible to subtract it, especially in a fundraising request. It is the navigator’s card going to sea.

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